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The Future Starts Here


Our Vision


At Ringway, we aim to foster a love of language and writing in all of our children, and to enable them with the skills to communicate effectively in the wider world. We want to ensure that all of our children are given equal opportunities to achieve national standards and above in these areas, and to make exceptional progress. Our teachers strive to encourage and stimulate the children’s imaginations, igniting the spark and flair of these writers of the future.


Our children will leave Ringway with a passion for writing, an appreciation of language and a deep understanding of how it works. Over the year ahead, we are excited to begin to use the Read to Write scheme for teaching writing from Years 1-6. The approach incorporates high-quality and enjoyable texts as models for writing, which are organised into a progressive, rigorous and well-organised curriculum. The approach encourages a full immersion and enjoyment of the writing process, using the vehicle texts as a stimulus. Each vehicle text lasts a half term and will inspire two units of work, incorporating a wide variety of text types and purposes across their Ringway journey. We will provide them with the skills and creativity to produce texts which are engaging, interesting and accurately written. Through high-quality teaching, they will be equipped with the toolset to be reflective, evaluative writers who are always aiming higher to improve the quality of their work.

Spelling, Grammar and Handwriting


In line with the 2014 curriculum, spelling, grammar and handwriting are very high-profile at Ringway. We often teach grammar embedded within the units of work, in order to give a real context and a purpose. If your child is in Year 1, their spelling learning will be linked to their phonics phase. From Year 2 upwards, we use Spelling Shed and Rising Stars Spelling to teach spelling, and your child should be given spellings to learn weekly. All children from Year 1 upwards have a Spelling Shed login which gives them the opportunity to practise their spellings online and compete against their class and other schools.


Celebrating Writing


We hold annual events to celebrate Writing- previously these have included Handwriting Competitions, Spelling Bees, Debates and Poetry Competitions.