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The Future Starts Here

The Future Starts Here

Eco Warriors

Welcome to Ringway’s ECO Warriors Club!


Our Eco Warriors help Ringway Primary School become a greener, healthier place to learn. An ECO Warrior will be involved in vital projects, from helping to reduce paper waste in the classroom, planting trees for insects and local animals or even growing herbs and vegetables for the school kitchen! We will even be working hard together to use these projects in our efforts to be presented with the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag award.    



Planting Trees


In Eco Club we have been so excited to plant trees.  Over the next few years we will hopefully see new Rowan, Apple and Hazel trees sprouting in Ringway's field.  They will be great for lots of different local birds and insects.

Bird Boxes 


In Eco Club we have been discussing the amazing things that birds bring to our school, so we wanted to put up some bird boxes and gave them a safe home!