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The Future Starts Here

Our Team

We are proud of our experienced team who are committed to providing a wonderful school for our children to learn, be inspired and empowered for living their best life. 


Senior Management


Mr Taylor - Headteacher

Mr Conroy - Deputy Headteacher

Miss Sargent - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Harrison - Assistant Headteacher (maternity leave)

Miss Butler- Assistant Headteacher KS2 Leader


Middle Management


Mrs Anderton - EYFS Leader

Mrs Brunt - KS1 Leader

Mrs Thomas - SENCO


Teaching Staff


Miss Lucas - Class NL

Miss Brown - Class NB

Mrs Hartley - Class FH

Mrs Anderton - Class RA 

Mr Clayton - Class RC 

Mr Fountain - Class 1P (Mr Fountain covering maternity leave)

Mrs Hannent - Class 1H

Miss Forrest - Class 2F

Mrs Brunt - Class 2B 

Miss Green - Class 3G

Miss Sargent - Class 3S 

Miss Butler - Class 4B

Mr Higgins - Class 4H 

Miss Wood - Class 5W 

Mr Redpath - Class 5R

Mr Conroy - Class 6C 

Miss Eyres - Class 6E

Miss Carlin - Class 6C

Mr Fineberg - Health and Wellbeing


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Royle - Class NL

Miss Gent - Class NL 

Mrs Bainbridge - Class NB

Mrs Savio - Class FH 

Miss Prince - Class FH 

Miss Travis-Brady - Class FH

Miss Harding - Class RA

Miss Sanders - Class RA 1-2-1

Miss Hamer - Class RM

Mrs Friggens - Class 4H

Mrs Richards - 1H

Mrs Carter - 1H

Miss Hampson - Class 2B

Miss Messer - Class 2F

Miss Woehrle - Class 1F

Miss Bineata - Class 3S

Miss Shakespeare - Class 3G

Mr McVety - Class 3G 1-2-1

Miss Maddocks - Class 5W

Miss Friggens - Class 4H

Mr Cave - Class 4B

Mrs Bibi - Class 5R

Miss Halpin - Class 4W 1-2-1

Miss Nichols - Class 4B 1-2-1

Mrs Brown - Class 6H

Miss Wallace - Class 6E

Miss Burns - Class 6C 1-2-1

Miss Forrester - TA Float

Mr Finney - P.E and intervention support


Office Staff


Mrs Scott - Admin Officer

Mrs Buckley - Business Manager




Mr Armstrong


Lunchtime Organisers


Mrs Savio - Senior Lunchtime Organiser

Mrs Prince

Mrs Barton

Miss Hornsey

Mrs Forrester

Miss Halpin

Mrs Fitzpatrick

Miss Hassall

Miss Collins

Mrs Stasiak

Miss Dornan

Miss Wotherspoon

Miss Miller

Miss Nichols

Miss Lindsay

Miss Singh

Miss Maddocks

Mr Cave

Miss Messer

Miss Gent

Mrs Richards


Kitchen Staff


Mrs Bradshaw

Miss Duffy