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The Future Starts Here

Our Team

We are proud of our experienced team who are committed to providing a wonderful school for our children to learn, be inspired and empowered for living their best life. 


Senior Management


Mr Taylor - Headteacher

Mr Conroy - Deputy Headteacher

Miss Sargent - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Harrison - Assistant Headteacher 

Miss Butler- Assistant Headteacher KS2 Leader

Mrs Anderton - Assistant Headteacher EYFS Leader


Middle Management


Mrs Brunt - KS1 Leader

Mrs Thomas - SENCO


Teaching Staff


Miss Lucas - Class NL

Mrs Brown - Class NB

Mrs Anderton - Class RA 

Mr Clayton - Class RC 

Mrs Pepper - Class 1P 

Mrs Hannent - Class 1H

Mrs Harrison - Class 2H

Mrs Brunt - Class 2B 

Miss Green - Class 3G

Miss Cahill - Class 3C 

Miss Butler - Class 4B

Mr Culf - Class 4C

Miss Wood - Class 5W

Miss Sargent 5CS 

Mr Conroy- Class 5CS

Mr Higgins - Class 6H 

Mrs Wilson  - Class 6W

Miss Brown - Class 6B

Miss Landi

Mr Fineberg - Health and Wellbeing


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Royle - Class NL

Miss Gent - Class NL 

Mrs Bainbridge - Class NB

Miss Brady - Class FH

Mrs Savio - Class FH 

Miss Prince - Class FH 

Miss Harding - Class RA

Miss Sanders - Class RA 1-2-1

Mrs Reilly- Class RC

Mrs Friggens - Class 4H

Mrs Richards - 1H

Mrs Carter - 1H

Miss Hampson - Class 2B

Miss Messer - Class 2H

Miss Woehrle - Class 1P

Miss Bineata - Class 6E

Miss Shakespeare - Class 3C

Mr McVety - 1-2-1

Miss Maddocks - Class 3G

Miss Friggens - Class 4C

Mr Cave - Class 4B

Miss Halpin - Class 4W 1-2-1

Miss Nichols - Class 4B 1-2-1

Mrs Brown - Class 6H

Miss Wallace - Class 6E

Miss Burns - Class 6C 1-2-1

Miss Forrester - TA Float

Mr Finney - P.E and intervention support


Office Staff


Mrs Scott - Admin Officer

Mrs Buckley - Business Manager




Mr Armstrong


Lunchtime Organisers


Mrs Savio - Senior Lunchtime Organiser

Mrs Prince

Mrs Barton

Mrs Forrester

Miss Halpin

Mrs Fitzpatrick

Miss Hassall

Miss Wotherspoon

Miss Millar - Senior Lunchtime Organiser

Miss Nichols

Mrs Gent - Senior Lunchtime Organiser

Miss Maddocks

Mr Cave

Miss Messer

Miss Gent

Mrs Richards

Miss Taylor

Mrs Brocklebank


Kitchen Staff


Mrs Bradshaw

Miss Duffy