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"I love science because it challenges my brain and it gives me things to think about that I wouldn’t have thought about before."

Grace 6C


Our curriculum is designed to develop knowledge and skills that are progressive, enabling children to deepen their understanding of both the world and the ways in which things work. We aim to open our children’s eyes to natural curiosity and wonders of the modern world we live in.


Our Science curriculum ensures that all pupils:


  • develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understand through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.
  • develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them.
  • are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

British Science Week

‘Working scientifically’ specifies the understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science for each year group. ‘Working scientifically’ is embedded within the content of biology, chemistry and physics, focusing on the key features of scientific enquiry, so that pupils learn to use a variety of approaches to answer relevant scientific questions.


These types of scientific enquiry include: observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations); and using research from secondary sources. Pupils should seek answers to questions through collecting, analysing and presenting data.


"I like science because it is fun and the lessons make my mind wonder away with me."

Tyler 6C


Beginning in Early Years, children use their senses to explore and investigate the world around them so the curriculum is designed to develop the characteristics of effective learning.  Children are encouraged to be active learners and ‘have a go’. The principal focus of science teaching in Key Stage 1 is to enable pupils to experience and observe phenomena, looking more closely at the natural and humanly-constructed world around them. Following on from this, children in Key Stage 2 broaden their scientific view of the world around them. In all Key stages, there is an emphasis for children to observe changes in all aspects of nature overtime.

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