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Ringway Primary school believes that Physical Education is a key part of the school curriculum for its unique potential to support whole-child development, which includes but is not limited to the promotion of physical health. Here at Ringway we know the importance of Physical Education we review our curriculum regularly to ensure it is effective, engaging and most of all enjoyable for the pupils. Researchers have demonstrated the importance of physical activities for students in a school environment. Focusing only on schoolwork can make a student’s life feel boring and stagnant, which in turn can cause depression and failure. Physical education teaches students to improve the quality of their life.

There are so many benefits from pupils participating in PE, students who play sports are better able to concentrate and maintain focus, which has a positive impact on their academic life. This can lead to improved attainment in all other academic subjects. Regular exercise is vital in the fight against child obesity. There are many health problems that are associated with obesity and we think it is important to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Positive exercise habits that are implemented in childhood will likely continue into adulthood.

We believe that playing sports in groups helps young people to improve their teamwork and leadership skills. It also helps to form stronger bonds between peers and promotes a healthy class atmosphere. Physical Education/activity promotes positive body image in teenagers, especially amongst women and girls. In this age of social media and societal pressure to look a certain way, this is of utmost importance.

PE in pictures

We have seen for ourselves that sports teaches children to have improved self-discipline. They can implement this self-control in all aspects of their life, from better controlling their emotions to being more self-motivated with their studies. PE helps children to develop their confidence. This can have a positive aspect on all areas of their life, such as their personal relationships and ability to integrate quickly and make friends, to thinking about their future goals.

Current Year 6 Swimmers


70% can swim 25 metres or more.


51% can swim confidently in a range of strokes.


89% can perform a safe self rescue. 

PE Timetable


Year 1 (both classes)

3C and 3G half-termly (rotates)

Year 1 (both classes)
Year 2 (both classes)
Year 3 (class 3G)
Year 4 (class 4C)

Year 4 (class 4B)
Year 5 (both classes) 

Year 2 (alternates between the classes each week)
Year 3 (class 3C)
Year 6 (all classes)