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Our Vision


At Ringway, we aim to foster a love of language and reading in all of our children, and to enable them the skills to communicate effectively in the wider world. We want to ensure that all of our children are given equal opportunities to achieve national standards and above in these areas, and to make exceptional progress.


Our children will leave Ringway with a passion and enjoyment for literature, having been exposed to a wide variety of high-quality and engaging texts in their journey through school. They will develop a thirst for knowledge through non-fiction; a fondness of creativity through fiction; and a love of language play through poetry.


Our children will use reading to open their eyes to the wonders of the world around them, to explore fantastical lands and to unlock the key to their own potential.


Our commitment to Reading is shown as we have been awarded the One Education Silver Award.

Reading for Pleasure


In order to promote reading for pleasure, pupils have daily opportunities to listen to a story (Class Reader) where they can sit down and listen to a book read by their teachers who have carefully chosen a novel that they know their class will love. In addition, every term, pupils are given the opportunity to do ‘shared peer reading’ where the older pupils read to younger year groups. Teachers throughout our school have thrived to create stimulating and exciting reading environments in every classroom so that children are able to relax and read their favourite books.      


Throughout the year, we celebrate reading through different events, such as our school book fair, World Book Day, various reading competitions and enrichment activities. This year, for World Book Day, children enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character and took part in a competition called ‘Classics as Comics’ where children had to draw their favourite novel in comic format. In addition, we held a competition amongst classes where each class dressed their door to represent their favourite book. Some of our favourites included, The House with the Chicken Legs, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wonder.   

Encourage your child to read for pleasure at home by encouraging them to read books from our recommended book lists!

Reading for Understanding


We place a huge emphasis at Ringway on reading for understanding, and we embed this where we can across the curriculum, encouraging topic links and opportunities for revisiting different topics and learning. As well as spending time discussing and understanding our Class Readers, we also use these skills in Writing lessons, across the wider curriculum and also in Shared Reading, Guided Reading or Whole-Class Reading sessions. Our children focus mainly upon shared reading, discussion and small guided sessions up to Year 1, and then move onto a whole-class teaching of Reading from Year 2 onwards. We ensure our children have experienced a variety of texts, sometimes explored within a theme but incorporating a wide range of genres.


When reading with your child at home, it is important that you discuss the text that they are reading, to ensure that they are understanding it and what is happening in it.


Below are some questions you may want to use to help to focus your discussion of your child’s reading at home. Download and print these and then cut them down so that they can be used as a bookmark when reading with your child.

Knowledge Organisers


If you would like to support your child at home or understand what they are learning in class, please click on your child's year group knowledge organiser. 

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